Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy


TIGE 2016 visual summary

Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy (TIGE) is a platform for all stakeholders in the global economy, who wish to inspire, connect and encourage businesses and individuals to act according to their core values, and contribute to an equitable society and humane world.

TIGE is an annual conference, a community and a global movement driven by the best in individuals’ motives. It is a story of change witnessed throughout the world. TIGE International is affiliated to Caux Initiatives for Business and works in partnership with CIB.

TIGE was established as an IofC programme in the light of the global banking and economic crises of 2007-2008. International TIGE conferences have been held in Caux, Switzerland, since 2006. TIGE provides a framework for ethical, moral and practical decision-making for all stakeholders, encouraging them to do what is right—and face what is wrong. Trust has been undermined in many avenues of life: in politics, banking, the media, health services and other institutions. Yet trust and integrity are fundamental to a fair and just economy. TIGE priorities care for individuals, alongside profitability, in an effort towards economic, environmental and social sustainability.

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