Tuesday, June 23, 2020

IofC Nordic Online Gathering

IofC Nordic is finally ready to invite you on Zoom for this years annual meeting from Wednesday evening 29th July to Saturday evening 1st August. We invite you for three days of fellowship and discovery with morning session everyday for all the participants. This also includes more leisurely evening programme for those of us who would like to spend some more time together!

Many of us have learned a lot this spring about meeting online, and although nothing beats actually being together in person, our experience is that sharing and listening and being
together online can bring us both closer to each other and deeper in our thinking. Another advantage with this form of meeting is that the obstacles of traveling and limited
accommodation are no longer an issue. Therefore, this summer’s gathering is part of an attempt to work closer together as IofC communities in the northern part of Europe.

Two years ago, we decided together to have four summer conferences, each one hosted by a different Nordic IofC team. Last year the Swedes hosted us; this year the Norwegians will host us from their IofC home, Sophus Lies gatet.5 in Oslo; next year the Finns will invite us
to Finland; and in 2022 we hope to meet in Denmark!

Together we are aiming to:

• expand and deepen our friendships across borders, cultures and generations;
• discover and understand more about our calling and purpose as individuals and as
IofC in today’s world;
• strengthen our teamwork and support for each other in our daily lives and our different settings.

This year we wish to explore the meaning of the four standards: HONESTY, PURITY, UNSELFISHNESS and LOVE, that have been the shared guiding values through our soon 100 years of history as a movement in the world. How do we interpret these four values in today’s context ? In our lives, work and societies?

We hope to see as many as possible! Remember to sign up for the conference: Registration form